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​Quality First, Always and Forever

Motorized Retractable Pergola  

30+Years Aluminium Sunshading Building Materials Manufacturer


   Our Pergola's Advantages:

  • 24V safe voltage

  • Smooth single motor

  • Stable, heavy-duty design

  • Quiet operation

  • Safety features

  • All-weather suitability

  • Standard Size Ready to Ship

  • Quick Built Design

About Us

EGD Outdoor Aluminium Building Materials Factory (EGD)

-----------rooted in a legacy of craftsmanship passed down through generations. With a foundation in the aluminum materials industry dating back to our parents' era more than 30 years ago, we have inherited a deep understanding and appreciation for aluminum processing.

Located in Dali Town, China, our workshop spans 20,000 sqm and specializes in aluminum shading products known for their durability and performance. Our commitment to innovation and quality is evident in our range of louvered pergolas and building facade shading solutions.

In 2015, we introduced cutting-edge technologies to our outdoor aluminum profiles, launching the E-GARDEN series of electronic garden products. This line, under the E-GD brand, includes innovative solutions like flip-stackable pavilions and solar-powered carports.

Building on the foundation laid by our predecessors, we continue to uphold a tradition of excellence in providing premium shading solutions that seamlessly blend beauty and functionality, setting new standards for outdoor living spaces.

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Outdoor Aluminium Sunshading  One-Stop Solution


EGD Factory accepts custom orders. Clients can increase margins and save time and money by outsourcing the Pergola design, production, and Delivery to us!


Being a quality-oriented factory, EGD ensures that all of our aluminium products are perfect on counts of quality. Remember, we are a reliable fabrication supplier with 30+ years of experience.


If you want to purchase in wholesale price for outdoor aluminium outdoor products,  being a manufacturer, we will provide the most competitive factory direct price that will promote your business.

Main Product Catagories

EGD Factory provides a wide variety of aluminium building products including standard and custom sizes.

Our primary focus is on manufacturing pergola products, available in both motorized and manual control options. We also produce carports with solar energy storage systems, outdoor aluminum cabinets, external aluminum louvers, building facade shading awnings, and all-aluminum houses.


If you want to promote your building construction business or promote your own brand, feel free to tell us your needs and your inquiry!

Adjustable Window

Window that can be adjusted for ventilation and sunlight

Custom Size Motorized Pergola

Prefab Pergola with Motorized Aluminium Stackable Roof,Customised Size Avaliable

Motorized Lifting Window

Extra Size Balcony Window with Motorized Lifting

Manual Retractable Pergola

Louvered Pergola with Adjustable Open and Close Roof

Standard Motorized Pergola

Premium Electric Aluminium Louvered Pergola with Prefab Motorized Open Roof, Standard Size Ready to ship

Solar Carport

Water proof Outdoor Solar Carport


We transform your unique design concept into a customized drawing, ensuring confidentiality from the initial idea to the final product.


Once you are comfortable with the pre-production samples,  the final products will be produced based on the actual order requirements.

The product sample will be produced based on your personalized design and sent to your company for approval.


Our products are packaged securely for sea transportation and to protect them from scratches, dents, and deformation. We use different packaging methods depending on the product, including bubble wrap, foam, wooden crates, iron frames, and more.

Our Aluminium Fabrication Factory

 EGD Aluminium Outdoor Building Material factory operates its own manufacturing plants in China. Located in Dali Town, the top-ranked aluminum production hub in China known for skilled labor and high-quality raw materials, our factory collaborates with building construction partners to provide cost-effective solutions and high efficiency. This strategic advantage enables EGD's wholesale factory to offer competitive pricing and added value to clients, setting us apart from factories in other countries.

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Have Questions?

Dear Friends, If you want to know more about our aluminium fabrication products and service, Keep in touch with us.

We’re on GMT +8 and all emails will be handled within 12 hours, or give us a call at

+86-757-82709109  or   +8618038859993

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